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Tara Brach, Ph.D is an internationally known meditation teacher and author of bestselling Radical Acceptance, True Refuge and Radical Compassion. Tara shares a weekly guided meditation and talk that address the value of mindfulness meditation and self-compassion in relieving emotional suffering, serving spiritual awakening and bringing healing to our world.

The Sacred Art of Listening 48:41
vr 17 jul 2020

The Sacred Art of Listening

The Sacred Art of Listening - Just as presence is the heart of meditation, so deep listening is at the center of all conscious, loving relationships. This talk explores how our wants and fears block listening, ways we can deepen our capacity for listening, and the healing that unfolds when we truly feel heard by another (a special talk from the archives). What happens when you’re really listening?

Meditation: Listening to Life (2014-11-12) 24:25
do 16 jul 2020

Meditation: Listening to Life (2014-11-12)

Meditation: Listening to Life (2014-11-12) - The attitude of meditation is one of engaged listening – a relaxed, receptive yet intimate attention. This meditation explores how we can listen to sounds, listen to and feel sensations, and then relax back into the ocean of awareness that includes and perceives the changing waves. In this relaxing back, we realize the peace and freedom of inhabiting our wholeness and essence. This meditation ends with a tribute to Thich Nhat Hanh’s life and a reading from his writings on death and life.

Meditation: Healing Shame (2020-07-01) 12:59
zo 12 jul 2020

Meditation: Healing Shame (2020-07-01)

Meditation: Healing Shame (2020-07-01) - This meditation brings the clarity and self-compassion of RAIN to the suffering of self-aversion and/or shame. It helps us see the conditioning that shaped what we judge about ourselves, and helps us remember who we are beyond our habitual and painful self-narrative. This helps us to look with fresh eyes at our conditioning, and align our life more fully with our awakening heart.

The Heart Crosses the Abyss – Three Inner Trainings (2020-07-08) 49:11
vr 10 jul 2020

The Heart Crosses the Abyss – Three Inner Trainings (2020-07-08)

The Heart Crosses the Abyss - Three Inner Trainings (2020-07-08) - In the moments when we either resist or get possessed by our strong emotions, we are in a trance, and cut off from openhearted awareness. This talk explores the truth that “it’s not what’s happening, it’s how we’re relating.” We look at three key trainings that help us relate to difficult emotions with a wise and compassionate presence.

Meditation: The Space of Loving Awareness (2020-07-08) 18:21
do 9 jul 2020

Meditation: The Space of Loving Awareness (2020-07-08)

Meditation: The Space of Loving Awareness - This meditation begins by guiding us through a scan: to open to inner space and aliveness, then to outer space, and then continuous space, filled with the light of awareness. We explore how every experience belongs to this infinite awake space of our Being, and can be held with tenderness and love.

Shame, Healing and Transformation (2020-07-01) 48:43
vr 3 jul 2020

Shame, Healing and Transformation (2020-07-01)

Shame, Healing and Transformation (2020-07-01) - Being at war with ourselves blocks us from evolving our consciousness and living from our hearts. This talk distinguishes between toxic and healthy shame, as well as shame about our individual self and our group identity. We explore how, with self-compassion and courageous honesty, we can respond to negative, painful feelings about ourselves in a way that serves awakening and alignment with our deepest values.

Meditation: Calling on Our Inner Bodhisattva (2020-07-01) 21:11
do 2 jul 2020

Meditation: Calling on Our Inner Bodhisattva (2020-07-01)

Meditation: Calling on Our Inner Bodhisattva (2020-07-01) - We each have within us the very source of wisdom and love. This meditation calls forward that essence, our awakening heart, so we can seek guidance and nurturing for the parts of us that need a healing attention. 

Spiritual Hope (2020-06-24) 52:53
vr 26 jun 2020

Spiritual Hope (2020-06-24)

Spiritual Hope (2020-06-24) - Spiritual hope opens us to possibility and energizes us to manifest our potential for love and wisdom. In contrast to attachment or egoic hope, which is the grasping for what will benefit a separate self, spiritual hope arises from trust in the openhearted awareness (bodhichitta) that is always and already within us. This talk explores how, as individuals and as a society, we can nourish spiritual hope, and create the grounds for healing and radical transformation.

Meditation: Body and Spirit (2020-06-24) 19:21
do 25 jun 2020

Meditation: Body and Spirit (2020-06-24)

Meditation: Body and Spirit (2020-06-24) - As we relax and awaken through our physical body, we discover the formless dimension of awareness or spirit that permeates all of life. This meditation includes a poem from Mary Oliver. 

Sustaining Our Caring (2020-06-17) 39:45
vr 19 jun 2020

Sustaining Our Caring (2020-06-17)

Sustaining Our Caring (2020-06-17) - All transformation arises out of love; it is the energy of caring about life that moves us toward inner, relational and societal healing. With a primary focus on our radically re-enlivened movement for racial justice and equity, this talk looks at ways of remembering what matters and consciously nourishing our care.