1021 – Cauldron, Cauldron in a Cauldron |Tales of Lady Witchbeard Ep 12

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This episode is about letting go of what is out of our control and partially trusting it will all work out, in the story and at bedtime. I support the Latino Development Organization- find out more at https://www.latinodevelopmentorganization.org/ Support our AAPI community -take action right now www.napawf.org/take-action Black Lives Matter. When I say “you deserve a good night’s sleep” it means black lives matter. More resources here- https://linktr.ee/dearestscooter. Here is a list of Anti-racism resources- http://bit.ly/ANTIRACISMRESOURCES Here is one place you can find support during this or any crisis. If you have more please share them! https://www.crisistextline.org/ There are more global helplines here https://linktr.ee/creatorselfcare Become a patron https://www.patreon.com/sleepwithme Join our referral program www.sleepwithmepodcast.com/refer Get your name on the sleepy support zone www.sleepwithmepodcast.com/sponsors Commission a song from the Mystery Bard over at http://www.jonathanmann.net Allform – the easiest way you can customize a sofa using premium materials, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional stores. Allform is offering 20% off all orders for our listeners at allform.com/sleep. Helix Sleep- Just go to helixsleep.com/sleep, take their two-minute sleep quiz, and they’ll match you to a customized mattress that will give you the best sleep of your life. Native- Native deodorant doesn’t just block odor better, it’s made better. Make the switch to Native today by going to nativedeodorant.com and use promo code sleep20 at checkout, and get 20% off your first order. Zoc Doc- Whether you need a primary care physician, dentist, dermatologist, psychiatrist, eye doctor, or other specialists, Zocdoc has you covered. Download the Zocdoc app to sign-up for FREE at zocdoc.com/sleep. Apollo Neuro- is a new wearable that improves your body’s resilience to stress and works by engaging with your sense of touch, helping you feel safe and in control of your stress levels. Try Apollo Neuro today and get 10% off your purchase at apolloneuro.com/sleepwithme. Talkspace- matches you with one of thousands of licensed therapists in over forty specialties. Save $100 off your first month at talkspace.com or download the app and use the code “sleep”. Best Fiends- Engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters. Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R – Best Fiends!

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