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A weekly podcast series examining great political revolutions. Now: The French Revolution. Next: The Haitian Revolution.

The Permanent Revoltion 33:48
ma 8 mrt 2021

The Permanent Revoltion

Why have two revolutions when you can have one big long revolution? sponsor:

The Coup of 1907 36:10
zo 24 jan 2021

The Coup of 1907

Wherein we ask the ask the eternal question: Was it really a coup? Sponsor: HelloFresh

10.42- The Stolypin Reforms 36:20
ma 18 jan 2021

10.42- The Stolypin Reforms

To celebrate his new reform program, Prime Minster Stolypin handed out commemorative neckties.  Sponsor:

10.41- The Duma of National Anger 36:09
ma 11 jan 2021

10.41- The Duma of National Anger

They didn’t get dubbed “The Duma of National Anger” because they were quiescent and complacent. Sponsor:

What Happened 07:24
vr 25 dec 2020

What Happened

Wherein I explain what the heck happened to me.

10.39- The End of Part I 39:04
zo 5 apr 2020

10.39- The End of Part I

Maybe if Nicholas hadn’t been so set on rejecting the verdict of 1905, there wouldn’t be a Part II to look forward to.