History of the Netherlands

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The incredible journey of the world’s most influential swamp and those who call it home. Beginning at the end of the last ice age and trekking all the way through to the modern era, together we step through the centuries and meet some of the cast of characters who fashioned and forged a boggy marshland into a vibrant mercantile society and then further into a sea-trotting global super-power before becoming the centre for modern day liberalism.

BONUS: Inventions and Discoveries through the Medium of… Captain Planet! 50:01
di 18 mei 2021

BONUS: Inventions and Discoveries through the Medium of… Captain Planet!

The Low Countries have long been a metaphorical petri dish of social and technological advancements in Europe. As such, the list of Dutch and Flemish inventions, innovations and discoveries is long and broad-reaching indeed. In this episode, we intend on doing an exploration of our own into the history of some of the intellectual leaps […]

39 – The Wild Boar and the Dung Wagon 01:08:17
ma 19 apr 2021

39 – The Wild Boar and the Dung Wagon

After the death of Mary of Burgundy in March 1482, the Low Countries were thrust into a period of turmoil the likes of which they had not seen for around… five whole years. The reigning sovereign was dead and her heir, Philip, was not even four years old. In Flanders, the estates and particularly the […]

38 – The First Cracks in the Reign of Max 01:02:01
ma 8 mrt 2021

38 – The First Cracks in the Reign of Max

Upon marrying Mary of Burgundy in August 1477, the first thing Maximilian of Habsburg had to do was focus on stopping the French invasion of the Burgundian territories. This was, after all, the main reason why their union had been accepted by the various power bases of the Low Countries, most notably the States General. […]

37 – Mary Marries Maxi 45:11
ma 22 feb 2021

37 – Mary Marries Maxi

The eruption of violence across the Low Countries in March and April of 1477 led to Mary of Burgundy effectively being in the custody of the city of Ghent. Although the rebellious citizens of Ghent had taken lethal retribution for what they saw as the crimes of the previous administration, they had done nothing to […]

BONUS: A Discussion on the Diverse Dialectal Diaspora of Double Dutch Discourse 50:20
ma 8 feb 2021

BONUS: A Discussion on the Diverse Dialectal Diaspora of Double Dutch Discourse

The Dutch language and its extended influence can be found on every continent. In this special, we explore where the Dutch language came from and look at how the history of migration into the Low Countries impacted its development. On top of that, we take a look at how the Dutch language has not only […]

Free and Fearless: E02: The Process 01:03:29
vr 5 feb 2021

Free and Fearless: E02: The Process

After the botched arrest of Arie Addicks in September 1941, the Addicks group was firmly in the sights of the authorities. Over the course of four months, a series of arrests would take place across the Netherlands, from the streets of Amsterdam to a freezing beach in Scheveningen, which would end with twenty-three people being […]

Free and Fearless: E03: Execution and Escape 55:17
vr 5 feb 2021

Free and Fearless: E03: Execution and Escape

On 5 February, 1943, thirteen of the twenty-three defendants from the First Parool Trial were given paper and pens and told to write farewell letters to their families. Hours later, they were executed by firing squad. But the ringleader of the group, Frans Goedhart, was able to win a temporary reprieve and over the next […]

36 – The Great Privilege 57:16
ma 25 jan 2021

36 – The Great Privilege

Charles the Bold’s death at the beginning of 1477 set off a political tsunami which crashed over the Low Countries, like a rising tide from the North Sea, sweeping away the old structures and drowning those too slow to react. Unlike today, where information is transmitted around the world at nearly the speed of light, […]

35 – Mary and Margaret 01:12:48
ma 28 dec 2020

35 – Mary and Margaret

As Charles the Bold spent the final years of his life campaigning, two women became integral parts of Burgundian society and politics – his daughter, Mary of Burgundy, and his wife, Margaret of York. Mary, whose mother Isabella of Bourbon died when she was young, is often portrayed as little more than a pawn in […]

BONUS: Additional Traditional Edition 45:54
ma 14 dec 2020

BONUS: Additional Traditional Edition

Why do the Dutch hang school bags on flagpoles, place giant blow-up dolls on their front lawn and have clocks without numbers in their pubs? And why do the Flemings celebrate newborns by eating ‘poop beans’? In this podcast, we are delving into some of the unique and peculiar customs, social norms and rituals of […]