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Do you miss all the heady conversations with your friends after a day of work? Want to sit in with three self-proclaimed woke Millenials discussing philosophy, life, and society while reviewing weed? Come pull up a virtual chair to your new friends smoke session.

Episode 9 – Pink Freud 01:09:05
zo 27 dec 2020

Episode 9 – Pink Freud

This week in quarantine, we talk about the most famous coke-fueled Psychologist to ever write theories about how much he wanted to have sex with his mom. What a weird mind.Link Tree

Episode 8 – Thoreau’ly Amused 55:16
wo 2 dec 2020

Episode 8 – Thoreau’ly Amused

The boys are back in quarantine, but the show must go on! This week, Jesse talks about Thoreau, we discuss the cultural draw of busses in the woods, and why Fundamentalists in the beginning stages of the US were horrible people! Also, we smoke weed.Walden - A GameOur Stuff Online

Episode 7 – Chomsky and the Mockingbird 01:08:19
zo 1 nov 2020

Episode 7 – Chomsky and the Mockingbird

This week, the boys discuss Manufacturing Consent and Operation Mockingbird while smoking the classic White Widow!This Weeks StrainManufacturing ConsentThought SlimeThe Alt Right PlaybookSpace Buckets

Episode 6 – DMX Doesn’t have a Mind’s Eye 01:08:33
ma 5 okt 2020

Episode 6 – DMX Doesn’t have a Mind’s Eye

This week, the boys discuss Aphantasia, Conciousness, and the life and career of DMX!This Weeks StrainCGP Grey - You Are TwoRoger Sperry’s Split Brain ExperimentsAphantasia TestSpeed Reading App

Episode 5 – Sufferin’ Sisyphus 44:04
zo 27 sep 2020

Episode 5 – Sufferin’ Sisyphus

It's finally time to talk about Camus! This week we finally cover the smiling nihilist and his essay on the myth of Sisyphus while smoking Space Queen.This Weeks StrainThe EssayAll of our stuff online

Episode 4 – Can’t Stop the Music 56:45
zo 20 sep 2020

Episode 4 – Can’t Stop the Music

This week, the boys get maybe a little too high and have an open-ended discussion on music and it's effects on their lives.This Weeks StrainKPOP Doc Trailer

Episode 3 – Alan Why 59:26
zo 6 sep 2020

Episode 3 – Alan Why

This week, the boys discuss Alan Watts and the Backwards Law while reviewing Renew from Solei!This Weeks StrainEvery Sperm is SacredDisney Mambo No5Soap Intro

Episode 2 – Zyggy Bau 48:02
zo 23 aug 2020

Episode 2 – Zyggy Bau

The boys discuss the best way to calm a fridge, and their favorite Pole Zyggy Bau. We also try out Strawberry’s and Cream from Topleaf Canada.SPOILERS FOR THE GOOD PLACE FROM 31:30-36:00Weed of the weekRead Liquid Modernity

Episode 1 – Hegel, not Kegel 31:32
zo 16 aug 2020

Episode 1 – Hegel, not Kegel

The very first episode! Join us as we talk about Hegelian Recognition, and smoke Palm Tree’s, a Hybrid strain with CBD from LBS.This weeks strainRobin Williams Pig Heart